This is a really quick, easy and cute DIY gift to fancy-up your host/hostess gifts, perfect for Thanksgiving. Just print and cut, it really is that easy. Click below to download the PDF. I recommend printing it on a heavier cardstock. Hope you enjoy! 



Cut out the tags, regular scissors will do the job. Make sure you get all the white out.

free-printable-wine-tags-1Time to cut out the holes, I have a little trick to share below.



free-printable-wine-tags-13This might be just too basic, but YES, there was a time when I would almost injure myself not knowing this trick… Make a hole with a single hole punch BEFORE cutting out the hole with scissors. Trust me on this.

free-printable-wine-tags-12Almost done 🙂 Try them on your wine bottle to see approximately where to fold the tags.

free-printable-wine-tags-2Using a ruler (or just something straight) slightly bend the tag to make a fold. Don’t fold it all the way over, the paper fibers and color might break, and make an ugly fold.

free-printable-wine-tags-11If you want to personalize your gift further you can add name tags. I folded paper in two, wrote the names and cut it for these super-fast name tags. Make holes and add string or ribbon of your choice.

free-printable-wine-tags-4And we are DONE! Simple as that, personal and cute gift for the hostess with the mostest! Hope you enjoy.





Free iphone backgrounds

November 14th, 2015 | Posted by Caroline in Free stuff | Illustration - (4 Comments)

These iphone backgrounds are probably two years old, and I remember sharing them on my old blog paired with one of my monthly backgrounds. But I think they still work, and with the holiday season fast approaching I think they should see the light of day once more. I hope you like them!

Iphone wallpaper, locked screen

Iphone wallpaper, home screen